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About Formulation Innovations Group

Backed by 20 years of scientific research and development, Formulation Innovations Group (FIG) is transforming the vitamin, nutritional, and dietary supplements industry with our ground-breaking gummy technologies. And with an unwavering commitment to research, innovation and quality, FIG is the first-choice partner of leading brands and contract manufacturers alike for best-in-industry R&D, formulation, ingredient solutions, and manufacturing support.
Our Mission

At FIG, our mission is to provide our customers with the highest quality nutritional gummy solutions through best-in-industry R&D, formulation, ingredient supply, and production support solutions available.

Why Manufacturers Choose Us

Providing high-quality, complex formulations and on-site pilot and manufacturing support, FIG is a leading supplier to contract manufacturers for stable gummy ingredients that can be consistently produced across multiple locations.

Why Leading Brands Choose Us

FIG provides leading brands with R&D, pilot, and first-batch development services. We provide best-in-industry lead times, complex formulations, and next-level bases, such as sugar-free, fiber-based, keto/low carb, and small run sizes on saleable, commercial batches. With FIG's versatile ingredient systems, small batches can be manufactured consistently as brands grow/expand globally. 

Our Customer-First Commitment

Governed by sound scientific practice and an unwavering commitment to research, innovation and quality, FIG endeavors to provide every customer with only the highest-quality R&D, formulation, ingredient, and production support solutions available.  

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