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Petri Dishes

With FIG's proprietary, low-sugar, plant-based gummy solutions and GMP-certified manufacturing capabilities, we are transforming the way clean-label supplements are made. 

Transformational formulation & clean label nutraceutical solutions

Our Products and Services

Backed by 20 years of scientific research and Formulation Innovations Group (FIG) is transforming the vitamin, nutritional, and dietary supplements industries, with our ground-breaking, proprietary gummy formulations. FIG is the first choice partner for non-standard formulation and clean-label manufacturing solutions for a broad array of products.  We build non-standard formulas and manufacture small, GMP-certified, saleable volumes for leading nutritional brands. And we provide proprietary, clean-label, high-quality ingredient solutions to leading brands and contract manufacturers, which makes gummy production stable and consistent across manufacturing locations. Contact us today to learn more about a FIG solution that's right for your brand. 

About Us

Formulation Innovations Group is a nutritional technology company dedicated to transforming the vitamin, nutritional, and dietary supplements industries. Our proprietary, low-sugar, plant-based gummy formulation and tailored, GMP-certified manufacturing capabilities are revolutionizing the way nutritional supplements are made. Click below to learn more about what we do. 

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